#1 Low-Code Platform for Online Database Apps

All-in-One Platform


Whether you want to improve internal processes or build customer-facing applications, Caspio has all the tools you need. The visual application builder guides you step-by-step through every aspect building a modern multi-user application. Create forms, reports, charts and dashboards in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development.


Recognized as a Low-Code Leader by Forrester Research, Caspio is the most capable online database available in a low-code platform. The fully-integrated database is built on Microsoft SQL Server and Amazon Web Services for superior performance and reliability. No installation, upkeep or IT skills are required.


With 20 years of industry leadership, Caspio is embraced by business professionals for ease of use and trusted by IT departments for scalability, security and compliance. Powering applications for 12,000 global customers, Caspio meets strict security and compliance requirements of the most demanding enterprises and regulated industries.

No Coding Required

Slow and expensive application development is a thing of the past. Caspio is an ultra-fast application development platform designed for business users. Create custom applications in hours or days, instead of weeks and months.

All-in-One Platform for Your Custom Applications

Enterprise Database

We use Microsoft SQL Server in our backend for optimal performance and security, and our web interface makes using the database as familiar as using a spreadsheet.

AWS Infrastructure

Caspio runs on Amazon Web Services for superior scalability and access to the latest and greatest technologies available in the cloud.

Built-In Integration

Caspio integrates with major cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Paypal, Stripe, SAML SSO, Zapier and more.

Language Localization

You can create applications in any language and your Caspio account comes pre-loaded with 11 common languages. All worldwide number and date formats, as well as time zones, are supported.

Deploy Anywhere

Your applications can be deployed anywhere on any website, CMS, blog, or portal, while Caspio remains behind the scenes. We also support .NET and SharePoint deployment.


While 90% of applications require no coding, open APIs are among the options available to extend your applications as you wish using the programming language of your choice.

Catering to Your Needs

Unlimited Users with Every Plan

Never pay per number of application users. The way we see it, you built it, so you decide how many users you want. Our pricing is based on usage.

Expert Support

We know that our success is dependent on your success. Caspio offers expert support through live chat, phone, tickets and discussion forums.

We Can Build Your App for You

Caspio can provide custom development and consulting if you lack the time or internal resources to build your own applications. With our expertise, your projects will be delivered on time and on budget. Request a free consultation.

Regular Upgrades and Enhancements

Caspio actively adds new capabilities to the platform with frequent product releases. Plus, your applications are essentially “future-proof” – they are guaranteed to work even as browsers and devices continue to evolve.

Choose Your Datacenter

Caspio is available from several global datacenters, so your apps are hosted in the region closest to your end users for optimal performance. When you sign up, you can choose between our North America, South America, Europe or Australia datacenters.

Choose Your Edition

Caspio’s platform is available in various editions ranging from free and low-cost plans for small businesses, to fully-featured plans that meet strict security and regulatory requirements such as HIPAA. Contact us for a custom quote.

What Our Customers Say

With Caspio, we built a secure, multi-user, centralized database that reduced the invoicing time from 13 weeks down to just two.
Simon Verdon
Simon Verdon
Operational IT Solutions Manager
Caspio helps ordinary people do extraordinary things. It transformed our organization.
Troy Wesselius
Troy Wesselius
Operational Controller
Barnes & Noble College
Caspio allows us to be more responsive. We can give what our customers want and address their problems fast.
Kim Graf
Kim Graf
Director of Customer Experience

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