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FAQ Manager is a simple app for implementing and managing “Frequently Asked Questions” section on your website.

Standard Features

  • An FAQ widget that can be embedded into any website.
  • An FAQ management app that simplifies the addition, modification and publishing of FAQs without ever having to change the HTML of your site
  • Web visitors are able to view questions and their corresponding answers.
  • Editor can create, search, view, and update questions and answers.
  • Questions can either be published or unpublished by the editor.
  • Includes a scalable online database that supports unlimited editors and thousands of FAQs.
  • This app template is free to use in any account, including Caspio’s free online database.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Administrative interface to simplify adding and removing editors.
  • Create categories for classifying questions.
  • Add submission form on the public interface to allow web users to ask new questions.
  • Allow users to comment on existing questions.
  • Implement your own organization’s custom workflow into the application.