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Simple Sales Tracking App

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Need a centralized online database to replace your existing sales spreadsheets? Manage any number of reps across different teams and generate professional reports with Caspio’s FREE sales tracking app!


Monitor transactions in a secure cloud database. This ready-made template allows small and medium-sized businesses to input sales and view custom reports. Requires only 7 DataPages.

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Standard Features

  • Includes a centralized online database that ensures data consistency and integrity.
  • Sales representatives can track their own sales, plus see how they compare to other team members.
  • Sales managers can view the overall team sales performance and manage employees.
  • Charts visualize individual and team sales revenues over time.
  • Supports unlimited sales representatives and managers, each with their own login.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Customize fields and dropdown values, or add new fields such as images and files.
  • Add user roles so sales managers can only view the sales representatives assigned to their team.
  • Track sales numbers against monthly pipeline and forecasts.
  • Add additional interfaces for sales dashboards, product catalogs, or buyer information.
  • Add a file field to attach invoices or receipts to each record.
  • Enhance the application and turn it into a full-featured CRM or order management application.

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