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Need a quick and efficient way to automate time-off requests for your employees? Whether working remotely or in an office, you’ll always be notified of submitted and pending leaves with Caspio’s FREE time off request system!


Organize time-off requests in one central database. This ready-made template provides a system for employees to submit vacation requests, which their managers can approve. Requires 28 DataPages.

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Standard Features

  • Employee vacation and time off requests can be submitted via a web form.
  • Managers or Human Resources staff can approve, deny, and track all requests with real-time reporting for all approved, pending, and denied requests.
  • Managers receive automatic email confirmations when requests are submitted or cancelled.
  • Employees can view all of their own current and past requests.
  • All users can view the vacation schedules of other employees.
  • Supports unlimited employees.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Deploy a central calendar displaying all vacations.
  • Add your company logo and personalize the application with styles to match your company’s brand.
  • Localize it to your own language, date, and number formatting.

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