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Does Caspio really offer unlimited app users?

Yes, we do! This means any number of people can access your apps and you won’t be charged. Unlike other services that charge a per user fee, Caspio provides unlimited users for all plans — making it a perfect platform to support both internal and public applications.

How many people can build apps in my account?

As many as you like! Caspio provides unlimited “app creators” for all plans, so you can empower fellow colleagues and other departments to build applications quickly and effortlessly.

Does Caspio charge for database records?

No, we don’t! There are no restrictions on the number of records you can store in your Caspio database. Our cloud platform automatically scales to support as many records as you need — even millions!

What are DataPages and how many do I need?

DataPages are the essential building blocks of Caspio apps — forms, charts, reports, calendars, dashboards, etc. The number of DataPages you need depends on the size and functionality of your app. We will gladly help you estimate this in a free consultation.

Will Caspio build applications for me?

Yes! We partner with you to understand your business goals and provide an expert team to build and maintain your applications, all packaged into a simple monthly subscription. Learn more.

Can I add more resources to my plan?

Yes, you may add more resources at any time from within your account. Simply select Account from the top menu and then Change Plan.

Can I change my plan?

Absolutely. You can easily change your plan at any time from within your account. Simply select Account from the top menu and then Change Plan.

What billing options are available?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards, as well as GSA SmartPay cards. For annual payments we also accept checks, wire transfer, ACH transfer and PayPal. Contact Caspio Billing to arrange for non-credit card payments.

What support services are provided?

Only the best. Caspio goes above and beyond to provide expert support at every stage. Whether you need quick answers through live chat, or want personalized one-on-one assistance, our team is ready to assist you.

Does Caspio offer discounts?

Yes. Caspio gives 10% off for non-profits, NGOs and companies in qualifying countries. See if you qualify.

We also offer generous discounts for annual and multi-year payments. To choose an annual plan, select Account from the top menu and then Change Plan.

  • Save 20% for one-year payment
  • Save 25% for two-year payment
  • Save 30% for three-year payment

Additionally, our Academic Program is available free of charge to instructors and students for educational purposes.