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Implement a Web-Based Project Management System

Want a better way to organize projects and deliver them on time, on spec and on budget? Enhance your team’s ability to monitor tasks, resources and metrics with Caspio’s FREE project management app!


Manage your projects in a centralized online database. This ready-made template allows unlimited users to add, update and track project related fields in real time. Requires 45 DataPages.

Live App Preview

Standard Features

  • Dashboards display charts to quickly see the number of projects by user, by month and by status.
  • Users can open new projects and tasks, and set priorities, deadlines and other attributes.
  • Ad hoc search allows users to generate reports or find specific projects and tasks they’re looking for.
  • Each project or task can be reassigned, updated or closed.
  • Trigger notification emails upon task and project completion.
  • Includes a scalable online database that supports unlimited users.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Customize this app template to suit your exact business requirements.
  • Track user communication by adding a comment log for each project.
  • Implement your own organization’s custom workflows into the app.
  • Sync tasks with Asana, Trello and other simple project management applications through Caspio’s Integration with Zapier.

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