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Publish Your Event Calendar Online

Want to showcase an event calendar in your company’s internal or public-facing website? Caspio’s FREE event calendar app contains a list of must-have features that are customizable to your exact needs.


Add and manage multiple events in a centralized online database. This ready-made template is perfect for news websites, schools, local government agencies and more. Requires 25 DataPages.

Live App Preview

Standard Features

  • Includes an optional form that allows registered users to submit new events.
  • Administrators can add, review, and manage all events and users.
  • Only approved events are shown on the calendar, although this behavior can easily be changed.
  • Users can search, filter, and sort events based on proximity to their location.
  • Event calendar can be deployed on any website.
  • A dual interface shows upcoming events on both calendar and gallery views, with an option for users to quickly click between views.
  • A Google Map is built-in for locating events and viewing directions.
  • Includes a secure and reliable online database that supports unlimited users and thousands of event listings.
  • All user searches are logged for business intelligence purposes.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Add an attendee signup form for events.
  • Allow users to filter events by categories or other criteria.
  • Implement SEO Deployment for search engines to index the business listings.
  • Add a commenting system integrated with social login using Connections.
  • Automatically resize images upon upload.
  • Syndicate the event calendar across several websites.

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