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This Task Management application helps bring order and accountability to your team. It is versatile for any department and any number of users. With a few easy customizations, you can make it match your workflow perfectly.

Standard Features

  • Dashboard displays charts for users to quickly see the number of tasks that are assigned to them, past due, and opened by them.
  • Users can open new tasks and set priorities, deadlines, and other attributes.
  • Ad-hoc search allows users to generate reports or find the specific tasks they are looking for.
  • Each task can be reassigned, updated, or closed.
  • Provides users with the ability to reset lost passwords or update their profile.
  • Invite as many users as you want.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Set up notification emails whenever tasks are assigned.
  • Add comment logs for each task to track communications.
  • Implement your own organization’s custom workflow into the application.