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Resource Scheduling Software

Create Custom-Built Resource Scheduling Software

Looking for the right application to manage resources online? Allow your team to check resource availability and make reservations from anywhere with Caspio's FREE resource scheduling app!


Manage company resources in a centralized online database. This ready-made template provides an efficient way to keep track of tools, vehicles, instruments and other equipment. Requires 13 DataPages.

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Standard Features

  • Authorized users can search, schedule, and reserve equipment, meeting rooms, assets, etc.
  • Provides usage history, allowing you to measure usage of various resources.
  • Includes user management within the admin interface.
  • As an online database application, it provides anywhere, anytime access.
  • Supports unlimited users and thousands of resources to be managed.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Implement a maximum time allowed for each reservation.
  • Provide more detailed search capability.
  • Modify existing fields or add additional fields to match the type of equipment you plan to track.

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