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Caspio is the fully extensible no-code development platform for creating data-centric business applications. Recognized by industry analysts, endorsed by IT leaders and loved by business professionals, Caspio empowers organizations of all sizes to digitize and automate their unique processes to their exact specifications.

An industry pioneer, Caspio is the only no-code platform that provides a fully integrated cloud database, unlimited app users, unlimited app developers and standards-based extensibility. Our guided, intuitive development process eliminates the complexities of coding and allows you to deploy applications on any web property.

No Code, No Compromise

Caspio’s no-code platform democratizes application development by empowering more people to build the apps they need to do their job easier and faster — while freeing professional developers to focus on mission-critical projects.

Unlimited User Model

Caspio provides unlimited app users and unlimited app builders at no extra charge, making the platform ideally suited for both internal and public applications. Now everyone can build apps and contribute to profound transformational growth in the organization.

Premium Customer Support

Caspio believes in offering rich support to each and every one of our customers. You can explore our community forum and free online training materials. If you need help using the platform, you can also reach us via tickets, chat or phone. We provide ongoing customer education and even developer certification to ensure your success in using the platform.

Fully Extensible Platform

With Caspio, you can build secure, powerful applications without writing code. However, we will always allow extensibility using industry-standard technologies. Extend apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and REST API. Customize, expand and integrate based on your exact needs with our robust integration capabilities with popular services such as Zapier, PayPal, AWS, Google Drive and more.

Built-In Cloud Database

Caspio is the only company that provides an integrated relational cloud database that is both enterprise-grade and industry-standard. Our visual database tools allow you to input various data types, design table relationships, maintain referential integrity and more. As a Microsoft Gold Partner with SQL Server as our backend database, Caspio offers an unparalleled combination of performance, reliability and enterprise security.

Easy, Flexible Deployment

Caspio simplifies the way you launch applications. You can share a Caspio-hosted URL with your users or copy and paste an embed code to your website, much like embedding a video on a blog page. Caspio-powered applications deploy on any web property, whether it's a public site, intranet or CMS. You can even launch apps on SharePoint and VB.Net pages.

Enterprise Security & Compliance

Recognized by Forrester Research as holding more security certifications than any other vendor, Caspio is the undisputed leader in data compliance and security. Caspio runs on AWS data centers certified for SOC 2, PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001/27017/27018, as well as HIPAA compliance for healthcare and FERPA compliance in the education sector. We enforce encryption in transit and at rest, security endpoints for APIs and connectors, audit trails and more.


Protected Health Information


Educational Privacy Act

Section 508/WCAG

Accessibility Standards


EU Privacy Legislation

EU-US Privacy Shield

Certified Participant

3D Secure 2

Strong Customer Authentication

PCI DSS Level 1

Payment Card Standards


Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure


Enterprise Database Technology

Caspio is the Trusted Name in No-Code

Pioneer and Leader

Pioneer and Leader

Founded more than 20 years ago, Caspio trail-blazed the market for no-code database applications. Twice ranked a leader by Forrester Research, we are the top no-code platform on G2’s list of the Best Development Products for 2022. We power 15,000 customers in over 150 countries, from innovative startups to global enterprises.

Privately Funded

Privately Funded

Profitable for many years now, we have proudly remained financially stable and independent from investors. Our independence has shaped our self-reliance and discipline. It allows us to constantly innovate, launch features that make our users successful and focus on always doing the right thing for our company and our customers.

Culturally Diverse

Culturally Diverse

It’s not just our technology infrastructure that spans multiple continents. You’ll find Caspians of various backgrounds in at least eight countries. There’s a good chance we speak your local language. We take pride in our diversity and inclusivity, which make us stronger. These values are deeply ingrained in the fabric of Caspio’s culture.

What Caspio Customers Say

Caspio bridges the gap between business professionals and IT, enabling us to create database solutions without coding.
National Coatings & Supplies
Nicholas Criscione
National Coatings & Supplies
Caspio freed us from time-strapped IT resources. Now we quickly build apps and respond to opportunities as they emerge.
Summit Education Initiative
Cristina Gonzalez Alcala
Research Associate
Summit Education Initiative
Caspio streamlines collaboration across our teams, allowing us to focus more on what really matters – our customers.
Northern Coast Financial
Thomas Jones
President & CEO
Northern Coast Financial

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