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The Ultimate Guide to No-Code Development

Discover How Citizen Developers Build Custom Apps Fast!

Now Anyone Can Build Powerful Apps With No Code

The age of democratized app development is here. The engine behind it? Extendable no-code development platforms. Here’s how no-code enables you to break free from the limitations of traditional software development.



Build the applications and custom workflows you need, the way you want to work



Empower staff to build apps with guardrails, while freeing IT to focus on critical projects



Respond to digital demands and market opportunities with both speed and scale

When to Use a No-Code App Builder

No-code empowers users with zero programming knowledge to manage data, digitize workflows and automate processes in the cloud by clicking, not coding. Here are some reasons to join the no-code revolution:



Business leaders say the lack of IT talent is their top challenge when building custom software. Upskill your staff to build their own digital solutions using a no-code platform and unlock the hidden IT workforce in your organization.


No-code allows you to break down data silos and centralize multiple departmental systems and workflows under a single platform. Business users from different teams and locations can build, iterate, review and use apps based on their specific roles and permission levels.


More than 80% of decision-makers lack resources to deliver critical apps for the entire organization. A no-code app builder allows you to create applications up to 20x faster and at a more cost-effective rate, without the need for specialized IT talent or equipment.


No-code app development platforms come with built-in security features and strict compliance standards, even for highly regulated industries. Toggle the security features you want enabled and deploy custom applications to your audience without worrying about breaches or oversight.

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8 Essential Features of a No-Code Platform

No-code development platforms come in all shapes and sizes. How can you tell if the platform provides user experience fit for a citizen developer? Here are eight key features that turn non-technical users into professional app builders:

Point-and-click tools

Your no-code platform should allow business users to create forms, reports, charts and other application interfaces by simply clicking, not coding. Point-and-click tools enable you to bring your ideas to life faster than ever before.

Drag-and-drop functions

You should be able to visually design table relationships or snap blocks of logic statements together by simply dragging and dropping different elements on your screen. This approach facilitates custom workflow creation in minutes.

Familiar online database

No-code platforms must adopt the familiar look and feel of iconic database management systems like MS Access or data processing software like Excel to shorten the learning curve and make their online databases easier to use.

Guided development process

Non-technical business users will appreciate no-code’s simple guided instructions and error-free guardrails. A no-code app builder allows you to complete projects faster by guiding you through software development best practices.

Simple app deployment

Launch CRMs, project management systems, survey forms and more without complex configuration or workarounds involving IT. With no-code, you can publish your apps on any website or intranet using simple deployment methods.

Built-in security

Leverage enterprise-grade security and compliance with no-code app development platforms. Gain access to features like user authentication, security governance and audit trails without setting up the infrastructure yourself.

Native add-ons and templates

Ready-made extensions in a no-code app builder enable you to add more features built and tested by platform specialists. App templates, on the other hand, accelerate development by allowing users to customize pre-built use cases.

Unlimited user model

No-code development platforms that fully support cross-functional collaboration come with an unlimited user model. You should be able to work with as many app builders you need, without exhausting budgets on per-user license fees.

The State of No-Code and Low-Code Development

No-code enables you to build cloud applications without writing a single line of code. It allows citizen developers to create solutions without help from IT departments. However, there’s a limit to what you can build with no code. Developers have to make do with what’s already on the platform. But no platform should ever have to limit human imagination and creativity.

That’s why Caspio, despite being a primarily no-code platform, provides the ability to inject code. No code is the vision, but we will always allow you to extend and customize your applications to your exact specifications with low code. Learn more about the state of no-code and low-code development with these free resources you can download right now:

Low Code: The Business Transformation Game-Changer

Low-code users are more likely to deliver custom applications on time, on scope and within budget, our study found. Learn more by reading the report.


Accelerate Business Transformation With Low Code

Companies using low-code platforms are 2x more likely to grow. Download the study and gain actionable insights to transform your business.


The Business Value of Low-Code Development Platforms

The low-code developer population is growing more than 3x faster than traditional developers, according to this new report by IDC.


The No-Code Platform With Low-Code Capabilities

Caspio’s all-in-one platform empowers you to build the applications you need to your exact requirements — all within a highly secure and scalable cloud environment that eliminates the cost and complexity of programming, hosting and maintenance. An industry pioneer of more than 20 years, Caspio opens up infinite possibilities for organizations by offering unlimited app users and builders.

Now everyone can truly build cloud apps! But that’s not all — Caspio also champions custom software development in the spirit of low code. The Caspio no-code platform supports standards-based extendibility, giving both professional developers and non-programmers the tools to build powerful applications — from simple web forms to complex enterprise workflows.


6 Ways to Extend Apps With Low-Code Development

Need to supercharge your no-code apps? Look for these low-code app development capabilities in your no-code platform.

Code Extensions

To support full customization, low-code platforms must be open to standard programming languages such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and SQL, and even Excel expressions. This enables experienced developers and tech-savvy beginners to extend apps without having to learn proprietary languages.

Database automation

Look for built-in functions to easily create simple and sophisticated automation based on a given schedule or triggered action. Online databases that support a visual drag-and-drop framework to string together logic statements allow full customization – without having to worry about syntax.

Custom Styles

Add flair and visual aesthetics to your web apps using custom HTML and CSS to align with your corporate image. While base style templates can get you started with a clean and professional look, having the option to customize to your exact requirements helps boost user engagement and experience.

Flexible Localization

Control the regional settings of your apps, including language, numbers, dates and more. The best low-code development platforms use a point-and-click interface for editing or creating localizations, but allow developers to add HTML, CSS and JavaScript to customize statements and enhance inclusiveness.

Third-party integrations

Connect to thousands of third-party applications to augment your existing workflows. Services like Zapier and Integromat provide the means to move data back and forth between your custom apps and popular systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Slack and countless others. It’s all automated with low code.

Parameters as query string values

Not all low-code platforms offer the feature to pass parameters via URLs. This capability unlocks ways to filter data, auto-complete forms, track clicks, load custom information and more. Giants like Amazon leverage this function for their e-commerce sites. Now, you can do it too with low code.

Build All Your Custom Apps With Caspio

Optimize existing processes or design new systems in record time. Caspio helps you achieve your goals with no-code and low-code development tools. Here are some solutions you can build:



Manage customer data and sales opportunities based on your unique business objectives. Generate sales funnels and other custom CRM interfaces with our point-and-click wizards.



Store vital information in a centralized, database-driven knowledge base built with Caspio and improve knowledge management across the organization.



Generate interactive web dashboards and gain critical insights from real-time data. Instantly display thousands of records as graphs, pivot tables and other chart types.



Eliminate roadblocks caused by paper-based forms. Digitize how you gather and manage data in the cloud with customizable web forms.



Working in the healthcare industry? Safely connect with your patients and manage information on a HIPAA-compliant portal. Build all the features you need in one secure platform.



Implement database and app-level calculations to create your smart finance apps in the cloud. Use cases range from loan calculators to invoice processing with native PDF reports.



Turn your Excel spreadsheets into web database applications. Caspio features a seamless import method that converts your spreadsheets into secure cloud-based databases.



Migrate your legacy MS Access databases online and reap the full benefits of Caspio’s cloud infrastructure. Enjoy an Access-like environment but with the benefits of the cloud.

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What Our Customers Say

We’ve been simplifying how thousands of businesses worldwide manage and present data online. Find out why our customers love working with us and why we have 5-star ratings on Gartner and Capterra.

With Caspio, we meet the demand for homegrown applications despite not having in-house IT resources.
J-W Power Company
Paul Woolsey
Applications Manager
J-W Power Company
Using Caspio, we build business-specific applications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.
SiteRocket Labs
David Emerson
Founder & CEO
SiteRocket Labs
Caspio lets us build apps without worrying about outsourcing or queueing into the IT team’s packed workflow.
EZ Electricity
Mike Brasovan
EZ Electricity

Your No-Code Questions Answered

What is no-code software development?

No-code software development eliminates the need to write code entirely. With no-code platforms, business professionals with no programming experience can use visual point-and-click tools to create and deploy applications online without the IT overhead.

How are no-code and low-code different?

Both low-code and no-code platforms aim to revolutionize software development. No-code empowers business users eager to bring their ideas to life using guided visual tools. On the other hand, low code allows technical users to quickly build apps with minimal coding for most use cases, with the option to extend their apps with scripting when required.

Can an entire team collaborate to build apps on the platform?

Caspio allows unlimited app creators, making it possible for teams to participate in the development process. Promote collaboration and data sharing not only between teams, but also with various departments and stakeholders by inviting them to work on cross-functional apps. With this, you democratize app development in your entire organization through Caspio.

Does Caspio offer professional services to build apps for me?

Yes! If you already have your application requirements but aren’t too keen on building and testing it yourself, schedule a free Project Consultation session with a Caspio expert today. We’ll help you get all the IT talent you need to transform your vision into reality.

How can I retrieve my data from the platform?

With Caspio, you can easily download any information you’ve stored on the platform by scheduling automated data exports or exporting data on demand.

Does Caspio work with other products and services?

Yes! Link Caspio with over 3,000 cloud-based services like Office 365, Salesforce and Mailchimp using our built-in integration with Zapier. It’s also easy to sync data between systems using tasks that automatically transfer data across popular cloud repositories such as Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

How much does Caspio cost?

Caspio offers various subscription plans: from a Free Account suitable for simple projects, to Corporate Plans that include enterprise features, advanced security and higher service levels. Compare Caspio pricing options to see which plan best fits your requirements.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up for a free trial. If you prefer to talk to a product expert for a personalized and guided introduction to Caspio, schedule a free consultation and our team will reach out to you.

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