We proudly offer a discount program for non-profits and NGOs. Caspio allows non-profits to channel more of their resources to their cause and less to their tools. View Details >>

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Caspio HIPAA-Compliant edition makes our powerful platform available for businesses working with PII and PHI data. From patient management to clinical research, Caspio is the solution healthcare can rely on. View Details >>

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We offer special services for consulting firms to help build scalable solutions that can be replicated with ease and rolled out across many customers. View Details >>

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From K-12 to higher education and private schools, Caspio eliminates paper forms and tedious manual processes, and makes large-scale data collections more efficient. We also offer a free Caspio Academic program for schools looking to use Caspio as a teaching tool in the classroom. View Details >>

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Online Media

Caspio is used by over 80% of the largest American newspaper websites. Our platform is the perfect tool for database journalism, citizen contributions, and community applications. View Details >>

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