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Caspio No-Code
Awards 2022

Recognizing and celebrating individuals, companies and organizations that are successfully using Caspio's technologies to digitally transform their business.


The Awards will recognize companies or organizations that contributed to Environmental and Humanitarian causes, as well as those that demonstrated excellence in Digital Transformation, User Experience and Time to Market through their Caspio applications.

As for Industry Innovation, one winner will be chosen from each of these industries: Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Education, Government, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, and Communications & Service Providers.

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Environmental Impact

Companies or organizations that have significantly contributed to improving environmental quality through protection, conservation, restoration, communication and/or stewardship of natural resources.

Humanitarian Impact

Companies or organizations that have improved and enriched the welfare of individual users and the greater society through exemplary leadership and actions.

Digital Transformation

Companies or organizations that have significantly overhauled their paper-based and manual business operations through the specific use of Caspio’s no-code platform and technology.

User Experience

Companies or organizations that have demonstrated a clear understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities and their limitations through a well-thought-out application design.

Time to Market

Companies or organizations that have identified and addressed the market need in the fastest and most agile way possible using Caspio’s no-code platform and technology.

Industry Innovation

Companies or organizations that have challenged the status quo and developed innovative solutions in their respective verticals through creative thinking and non-traditional approaches.

Learn More About the Program

What is the Caspio Awards?

The Caspio Awards is an annual event recognizing the organizations that have built powerful and innovative applications using Caspio’s technology.

What do winning customers receive?

Winning organizations will be globally recognized through PR and social media. All winners will have their story documented with a case study, blog post and/or video. In addition, winners will also receive a personalized plaque and some custom Caspio merchandize.

May I apply to more than one category?

Yes. You can enter your application(s) for multiple award categories, but you will need to submit the form once per category.

How can I enter the contest?

Organizations can be self-nominated or nominated by a peer, a colleague or a Caspio partner.

What are the criteria?

Entrants are companies or organizations that use Caspio products, services or solutions. Success stories must be from the past 18 months.

What are the dates?

Caspio No-Code Awards are held annually. Each year, submissions will be accepted from XX to XX (we don’t have the dates yet).

How are winners determined?

A panel of five judges will assess entries in three rounds. All entries are ranked by average scores to ensure the highest quality.

How many winners will be recognized?

There will be 13 winners in total:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Humanitarian Impact
  • Digital Transformation
  • User Experience
  • Time to Market
  • Industry Innovation
    • Healthcare
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing
    • Education
    • Government
    • Financial Services
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Communications & Service Providers
How are the results announced?

Finalists will be announced by XX through the Caspio blog. Winners will be contacted directly by XX, and will be announced publicly via a press release by XX.

How do I enter?

Click here to submit your application(s).

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Please email for other questions.