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This application helps automate an online order management process within a company or a team. Staff can easily search for available product items, place orders, and view order status. The application can be seamlessly embedded on any website or intranet, and is entirely self-managed with two separate interfaces for managers and staff.

Standard Features

  • Supports unlimited managers and staff, each with their own login.
  • Supports thousands of product items and orders.
  • Add new product items and update existing items easily.
  • Email alerts automatically notify staff whenever an order status is changed.
  • Store any number of product items in the database and publish them online with a click of a checkbox.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Customize fields and dropdown values, or add new fields such as images and files.
  • Add a public-facing order form, including a review option for the user to confirm their order information before submitting.
  • Integrate total calculations, shipping, tax, and tracking numbers into the order management process.
  • Shopping cart and payment processing modules are available through Caspio Professional Services.