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Set and track the progress of your goals or the goals of your team with this Goal Tracker app. It allows you to add goals, change their status, and generate a report to view progress statistics of the goals.

Standard Features

  • Employees are able to set goals for themselves or change the details or progress of existing goals.
  • Employee interface includes a report that shows the achievement progress of the goals.
  • Manager can add and manage team goals.
  • Manager interface includes convenient search, which allows filtering of goals by employees, status, deadline, and progress.
  • The online database app supports unlimited employees and thousands of goals.
  • This app template is free to use in any account, including Caspio’s free online database.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Add administrative interface to manage team participants.
  • Set up notification emails whenever new goals are assigned.
  • Add interactive commenting and feedback for each goal.
  • Implement your own organization’s custom workflow into the application.
  • Add charts to show progress for each team member.